NIET is proud to be a School Solutions Partner.

We have a 20-year track record of working with superintendents to advance educator effectiveness and student achievement, impacting 250,000 educators and 2.5 million students.

Message from Patrice Pujol

Student achievement starts with effective leadership. Our team of educators and coaches—who have lived the work of closing the achievement gap in high-need schools—stand ready to help you achieve your goals.

Message from Daniel A. Domenech

For two decades, NIET has been investing in people, thereby achieving significant results in raising student achievement. Partnering with NIET is a viable solution to strengthening teaching and learning in states and districts.

School Improvement Solutions

We meet you where you are. Build local capacity through collaborative learning, reflective culture, collective leadership and strategic accountability — all to get results you can be proud of.

Rubric and Observation Systems

Develop a coherent vision for effective instruction and support teachers in refining their craft.

Teacher and Leader Development

Create customizable structures for educator leadership and career paths; professional learning; educator evaluation systems based on instructional frameworks and rubrics; and performance data systems.

TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement

Partner with us on NIET's signature initiative in comprehensive education reform.

Higher Education Partnerships

Strengthen the connection between K-12 and higher education institutions, effectively equipping aspiring teachers for the expectations of the classroom.